Fantasy and Fairytale Castle Creation Kit

Promo images for 2create HB’s Castle creation kit soon to be released on

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D.I.Y Castle kit…

In progress and almost complete is a castle builder kit for Poser and Daz studio. This kit contains all the ingredients to build an amazing fantasy or fairy tale inspired castle or citadel. More details coming soon…


Fantastic fairytale castle

Fantastic Fairytale Castle

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New 3D and effects showreel 2012

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Book completion!

Signal core of the Swedish armed forces history

Artwork completed and currently awaiting printing is “Signaltruppernas Historia” a complete history of the signal core of the Swedish armed forces all the way from 1871 up to 2006.

Total pages was 520 and the book will have an initial print run of at least 500 copies.

2 create was responsible for layout and design of the complete book, scanning some of the more difficult images, retouching where necessary and preparation for print.

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SteamPunk Hideaway 3D model released

Months of work went into the production of this stunning 3D environment set for use in Poser and Daz Studio. Of course you could convert it for use in any 3D program, lets not limit ourselves shall we!

“Enjoyed the Myst series of games? Then you’ll love the Steam Punk Hide Away. Victorian style architecture pumped up with rust and mystery – just the way you want it. Experience the beauty of the wide open scenery, the elegant steel structure, the sound of heavy machinery, the surreal rock formations and the silence of a beautiful world torn apart and lost in time.”

Buy it here:

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La Piazza, a complete 3D town…

A large project producing an entire fictional Italian town. The 3D model can be purchased for a very reasonable price of 49US dollars from Daz3D:

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Sci-Fi Core

This model was produced for Dreamlight AB for sale on Daz 3D:

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Dark and Gothic

This is a texture set made for Jack Tomalins GSI Orion. Here’s a link to the original model:

Primarily I had in mind to see how much detail I could add to the model without re-modelling it. I used Normal maps to add the extra details, first making height maps and then converting them to normals maps. Here’s a link to the final product for sale:

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De-tomaso Pantera

I built this model in 2007 as an exercise in using Lightwave modeller. After building the initial body shell Walle from Dreamlight AB somehow talked me into converting this for use on Daz 3D as a model for sale. I hadn’t built the model with this in mind so the very time consuming convertion began… I added a complete interior, working doors and windows, seats that move and steering that turns, oh and it had to function in Poser as well a “curious” piece of software… Buy the model here for peanuts!De-tomaso PanteraWell the end result was great, although I had to call it V8 Panther, and remove all the badges, logos from the carpet and gear shift, steering wheel etc.

"V8 Panther" De-tomaso Pantera


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Writing History…

Well laying it out in a book anyway… 2create is currently producing the layout and design of a 350-400 page book charting the history of the Swedish field communications division of the Swedish army.

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